FlexKom is the FIRST MOVER in M-Commerce. The Future of Commerce is Here!!

FlexKom 4 Core Aspects

FlexKom unites four core aspects, namely M-Commerce (M), Networking (N), Direct Selling (D), and Franchising (F), therefore offering those involved the greatest possible opportunity and benefits. These four aspects also form the FlexKom M-N-D-F strategy, with which FlexKom is set on revolutionizing the Network Marketing industry.



Direct Selling


Why Choose FlexKom?

FlexKom is a GREAT opportunity for Customers, Merchants and Franchisees?

  • Flexkom offers the retailer a complete package that is solid, patented and can be reached directly by its customers through the FlexApp via video mailing, MMS and SMS.
  • The retailer gets a revenue module within their enterprise rather than a cost module because they earn royalties on transactions done in other flexkom shops by their own customers.
  • The retailers will get to see their sales and customer base double in most cases because the retailers will mutually recommend each other and their offers to their customers thanks to the unique labyrinth system on the POS (Point of Sales) System.
  • Foreign customers who come on holiday will be directed at the touch of a button to FlexKom affiliated stores which can be found on their FlexApp.
  • The retailer is part of a worldwide MEGA-MALL in which they can offer their product or service.
  • The consumer literally saves cash on their FlexCard or Smartphone (FlexApp) and can use this at all FlexKom stores WORLDWIDE eg Gas Stations, Supermarkets, Bakery, Gyms, Clothing Shops, Restuarants etc.
  • FlexKom will be able to target what, where and when a consumer needs with the FlexApp, because through the labyrinth system for retailers, purchasing behavior can be tracked and as a result the end consumer will receive customized prompts depending on what they buy most.
  • The consumer can use his FlexCard WORLDWIDE offline and online in the biggest shopping mall in the world. These will include: FlexHoliday, FlexTravel, FlexCall, FlexOutlet, FlexShop…. and much more COMING SOON!!!
  • An extensive FlexKom rewards program for consumers will continue to entice them with their cards EveryDay EveryWhere.
  • The consumer can use the “KISS Your Friend” share function on the FlexApp. This function allows you to share the app with everyone. For each new referral of the App an existing FlexKom customer is awarded call credit via FlexCall where they can call for only cents per minute worldwide.

Customer Benefits Merchant Benefits Franchisee Benefits